Top tips toget the best from your Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a great support to address your fitness goals with a customized approach towards your fitness program, something that’s just right and tailor-made for you. As it can also be heavy on your pocket, MayankAttrish, Founder of fitness Café, a renowned Bangalore based gym, also a certified personal trainer gives us the insider secrets to improve your training experience and best utilizing your personal training budgets.

Mayank recommends, “Success with your fitness, like your career, doesn’t happen by luck or by mere coincidence. You have to take charge of your journey. You also need to set goals for yourself, track progress, make amendments and keep on pushing yourself to reach your target goals. A good way to start those is to get a personal trainer to help accelerate your fitness journey.”

Finding the right personal trainer can help your achieve your fitness goals and transform yourself in a positive way. When you and your personal trainer work as a single unit to achieve your fitness objectives, magic happens as you achieve your true potential and realize your goals even sooner than expected.

The decision to hire a personal trainer should be a well thought one. You have the advantage of leveraging their experience and expertise right from day 1. This leads to the best utilization of your time by eliminate inefficiencies in your exercise regime and getting access to their knowledge and wisdom from the very start. This also helps to get an access to a mentor who can help you overcome your psychological roadblocks and act as a constant source of motivation. You can start getting transformational results with a steep progress over time.

Since hiring a personal trainer needs a lot of investment in terms of time and energy as you have to do an independent research and assess their latent, experience and also make a judgement on whether you can have a great chemistry. Without a doubt, since you will be spending a lot of time together, it becomes very crucial to get someone on board with the right skill and chemistry. Secondly, you need to share your vision for your fitness goals clearly and should be mentally and physically ready to set out to achieve your vision. This vision should be accepted by your fitness trainer and both of you should have a common understanding and clarity of commitment.

A foundational plan should broadly cover the pointers below:

1.      Know your long-term goals (E.g. Weight reduction, strength training, body toning etc.)

2.      Set up short-term goals

3.      Make those goals measurable and trackable

4.      Plan to progress on those goals through specific inputs

5.      Get intrinsic and external motivation to keep pushing boundaries

6.      Enjoying the process and keep rewarding yourself

MAKe IT WORK for you and your trainer

After two years of regularly going to a health club, Anita Shergil,36, of Mumbai, wasn’t seeing the results she had set out for herself. “I would walk-in and would confused by the quantum of choices of machines the gym has to offer. I had no idea where to start, what to focus on, what’s the purpose of a machine, which body part will it help, how to plan for my weekly goals. Also, I didn’t have any direction on the schedule for my weekly fitness goals. With a restricted knowledge, I would get frustrated and stopped going to the gym completely. This resulted in a waste of my quarterly gym pass as well”, she says.

Anita realized that she needed direction and clarity. “I wanted someone more knowledgeable than me who would guide me on what I should be doing and how I should be doing it”,” she says. Also, she wanted someone who can also suggest her on her food diet or any supplement plan to bolster her fitness mission.

Because Anita’s friends had reaped the advantage of successfully working with a personal trainer, she decided to sign up for the personal training session too. She wasn’t as sure when we started the entire process. She was in fact nervous. But once she met with the trainer, discussed her fitness history and her fitness goals, her doubts got clarified.

Her trainer, RitwikVarshney was a great match for her. Anita was delighted to find out that Ritwik was respectful of her need to understand her fitness goals completely. He helped her create specific goals, timetable and a weekly / monthly chart for exercise. Not only this, Ritwik helped her with her diet plan. This significantly helped her as she saw Ritwik as being a strong partner to her overall mission.

Some of the important points who need to be cognizant of while making progress with your fitness objectives are explained in more detail below. Please read on to discover four essential elements for your fitness goals – gathered through our survey done across top 1000+ experienced trainers and satisfied clients in India:

  1. FIND yourself the right Personal trainer

Meeting potential trainers is an important step to begin the process. You can ask your local club for their recommendations based on your fitness objectives and your priorities. You can also talk with your friends, family members who would have taken such services in the past. There are a few reputed online portals which can also help you to simplify your search. You can trust YouDo to search for potential personal trainers in your city.

“Also do a quick check on their credentials”, advises VanitaShenoy, MS, CSCS, master trainer for Boot Camp in Orange County, Coorg. Certifications are one way to ensure if trainers have the necessary education required to design safe and effective training programs. Focus on someone with national and international level certifications (such as those from the Indian Academy of Fitness Training, Gffi-Fitness Academy, Gold’s Gym certificate, classic fitness academy, International Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and other reputed certificates) or a trainer with a degree in exercise science and nutrition.

To help determine if a prospective trainer is right for your needs, Anita suggest asking some specific set of questions from them:

  1. Ask for their performance history and the results they have delivered for their clients.
  2. Ask for some client references and a permission to talk to them over phone.
  3. Ask for their training fees. You can get clarity on their hourly, weekly, monthly fees and a time convenient to both you and them.
  1. Focus on clear objectives and end results

At the very start of the training sessions, you and your trainer should be on a mutual understanding in terms of the overall plan for the training sessions, time of training, joint plan for your exercise regime and also on the dietary plan.

So the 1st step is have quantifiable outcome as end objectives rather than approaching your fitness with subjective goals. Eg. A better goal is to lose 10 kgs in 3 months rather than ‘looking good after sometime’.

You should also be focusing on tracking your results on a weekly and monthly basis. Whether your goal is to improve your cardio strength, muscular strength or the goal is to lose weight, tracking is the key.

Also, you should be receptive to any changes in the overall plan based on your fitness progress. Your trainer should help you develop both your upper and lower body fitness, develop an exercise regime which can help in gaining a sustainable long-term fitness and also design a program which is not prone to injuries.

Mayank from Fitness Cafe recommends persevering with your goals and overcoming mental blocks. “A real goal should be adjusted / improved on a rolling basis with performance outcomes,” he said.

  1. Develop strong working relationship and strong work ethic

It is important especially at the very onset of your training program to understand your trainer and for your trainer to understand you. You should be very honest in terms of what helps you to improve your output. If a certain genre of music helps you to give your best performance, share it with your personal trainer. If you don’t like noise or a certain machine, make it clear to your trainer. If you are hurt or have some existing injury or have some history of any injury, talk about it with your trainer.If you are getting bored with a certain training style, let your trainer know.

No matter what the trainer’s style, he or she should strive to find ways to make exercise as natural and habitual for you as eating and drinking, says Shannon Wallace Jr., CPT, founder of 368 Athletics in Frederick, Md.

  1. Know when to PArt ways

It is important for you to know if you want a continued association with our trainer or you are looking to move on from the current training. This can happen due to multiple reasons:

  1. You may choose to start following your fitness regime at home
  2. You may be looking for a new trainer as you see your fitness goals not getting achieved or your progress has plateaued
  3. You don’t likethe working style of your trainer
  4. You aren’t motivated enough or aren’t getting enough time to pursue your goals
  5. You did a cost-benefit analysis and found the entire investment to be cost ineffective
  6. Your trainer isn’t motivated enough to help you reach your goals
  7. You are moving out of the city and started living at a different place

The reasons can be multiple, but it’s important to bring forth your situation in front of you trainer,so that you can separate on good terms and you can take guidance from them. This works wonderfully well for a long-term healthy relationship.

Important TIPS to get the best out OF YOUR TRAINING SESSIONS

If you’re spending your valuable time and money on your personal training, you deserve to get great results. We did a survey with some of the top personal trainers on what they wish their clients should do in pursuit of getting the best out of their fitness objectives, and this is what they have to say:

  1. Don’t focus on chitchat. Although a little banter helps to develop rapport and keep your training environment lively, a constant chit chat can take time away from your core fitness focus – especially when you are distracted from your training, efforts and form. A stronger focus and attention helps to get the best results out of your training inputs.
  1. Reach on time. If you are late to your training sessions, that doesn’t help your trainer to plan your workout plan. Trainer usually like their clients to arrive early on so they can gear them up for a warm-up session before the more exhaustive session starts.
  1. Adhere to timelines. If your trainer had mentioned to take 30-60 seconds break between sets, it helps to do that as guided. If you adhere to the timelines specified by your trainer, it will help you to move faster and get closer to your fitness goals.
  1. Strictly follow your diet. No amount of training or workout will help you, if you don’t adhere to your diet plan. It is said that fitness is 70{90264ba6b311524e9e1b90159b1c490dce93edd231c9d056010031d1a224eacb} achieved in your kitchen and 30{90264ba6b311524e9e1b90159b1c490dce93edd231c9d056010031d1a224eacb} with your workout.
  1. Be completely honest with your trainer with respect to your physical state. If you can’t do a certain exercise or have an injury, it helps to clearly mention that with your trainer. Otherwise, you hiding facts will do more harm than good.

The time, energy and effort you put into something you really wanted to accomplish and the feeling you get when you achieve it is something no one can ever take away from you. So stand proud and know you did something for yourself to better your life.

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