Tips and tricks of ceramic tile installation

There are some subtle points from the few that allow you to quickly assess the quality of installation. You can see more ceramic tile in Reclaimed Parquest Flooring UK

  1. Processing the external angle. In handling the corner of the room is the most difficult part, so many artisans do not know how to handle the angle properly. If the laying of the tiles on the corner of this space will not be cut, it will certainly look good and the pattern on the ceramic is not damaged. However, there is an easier use of the special profile (plastic and metal) available for finishing the corner.

In the simple case, they are able to solve the problem, you just need to select the appropriate profile. With cheap tiles, this is easy to do, this type even simulates stones. Such tiles are generally placed without profiles. The material is neatly trimmed about 45 degrees so that the connections are flat on the outside corners. To do this, you need to use an experienced builder.

  1. Cutting ceramic tiles on the ceiling is considered a bad shape. If the wall does not coincide with the size of the flat tiles, the tiles should be cut on the floor. Ceiling tiles must be in intact condition. Because it is placed from the ground up, it requires proper calculation from the start of installation.

  1. Pairs of horizontal tiles – an important factor in visual perception. Usually, there is a corner space, which is obvious. Angles should be done not all parts of the vertical tile.

  1. Too narrow the gap on the corner can damage the tiles, although the tiles are in perfect condition. There are two horizontal tiling options. 1) the installation is done from the corner, while in the corner to place the other pieces, 2) in the second corner on the wall using a ceramic with decorative pattern (horizontal symmetrical pattern) .. When you choose this option, where the plant is around the corner, This section should not be too narrow (the width of the ceramic is less than 1/3)