Sub Zero Servicing All of Manhattan

When you purchased your sub zero appliances you did so because of the superior quality and features that they offer. So when there is an issue of even the smallest magnitude, it is important that you have a factory trained service professional fix it. Sub zero repair service manhattan can provide you with professional repair service to your home or restaurant seven days a week. We are available when you need us and not just when it is convenient for us.
It doesn’t matter if you are preparing a meal for hundreds of patrons or for family and friends, you expect the same quality from your appliances. Even if the refrigerator is just a few degrees off, there is obviously an issue and it needs to be repaired quickly. With a single call you can rest assured that your appliance will be fixed on the first visit because the service technician will arrive with all of the parts and tools needed to make the repair. And the parts that will be used are only genuine sub zero parts which are backed with a full warranty. The repairs and parts used will be logged into your customer file for easy reference any time that you have a question.
Food is expensive but there is nothing that can compare to a person’s health. Never run the risk of serving spoiled or subpar food to family, friends or guests. Call today and know that within twenty four hours your appliance will be functioning perfectly. We are available 24 hours a day to serve the community throughout Manhattan including Gramercy Park, Central Park, the West Village, Greenwich Village, So Ho and more. Protect your investment in your appliance, your food and your guest’s health by using only a sub zero repair technician in Manhattan.