Rural Interior Decor Is Becoming Popular

There are plenty of people who enjoy the look of rural architecture but have no desire to move out to the country. Because of the increase in interest in rural architecture, you are starting to see rural features on more suburban and urban homes. If you are curious about urban home decor features, then there are a few places you can start to introduce yourself to these unique design ideas.


One of the more popular rural design features making its way into suburban homes is plank floors. There are a lot of plank styles to choose from, and you can also get a wide variety of natural color combinations for your home as well. Plank wood tends to be much more durable than hardwood, which is another reason why this type of flooring is becoming more popular.

Big Windows

Rural homes rely on natural light because, until recently, electricity was not widely available in rural areas. The truth is that large windows are a great idea for any home because it will not only cut down on your use of electric light, but large windows can also make your home feel bigger. The larger picture windows also create some spectacular front window views for suburban homes.

Decorative Room Trim

The primary population in rural areas consists of farmers who usually do not have much to do for months out of the year. Many of these people who work with their hands spend their off months working on their homes, and that includes turning their room trim into works of art. Hand-carved wood trim is a rural decor idea that is becoming a big hit in the suburban parts of the country.

Rural interior design is starting to take hold in suburban parts of the country. The design ideas that rural homeowners have known about for years are starting to become extremely popular in neighborhoods where vinyl siding used to be king.