Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clear

An Overlooked Area

Many homeowners typically don’t pay a lot of attention to their gutters. They are aware that they exist and perform a job in directing water elsewhere, but that’s about it. Now and then, you might have the occasional homeowner who has some problem with their gutter in regards to a bird or squirrel trying to nest within one, but by and large, the gutters are part of a homeowner’s least of concerns. That can be a costly mistake.

Your gutters perform a very important function for the protection of your home. No one likes the idea of water damage and their home together in the same sentence. This is something that just might occur if you don’t properly protect and maintain your gutters, however. Through rough storms and even normal storms, your gutters take away water and direct it far from your home. However, those storms can also clog or even damage parts of your gutter which can keep it from performing its job effectively. When that occurs, the water is no longer directed away from your house and you may experience some of the following problems.

1. Flooded Home

If the rain is bad enough, that water is going to saturate the ground. If it’s saturating the ground near your home, you can be sure that it is going to find its way into your home somewhere. Typically, for those homes that have a basement, the water will end up pooling within your basement. Besides damaging the items that you store in your basement, the water can present a lethal problem when it comes to electricity if you have wires connected in the basement.

2. Water Damage

Both the inside and outside of your home is under threat from water damage if your gutters aren’t functioning. To maintain them, consider hiring gutter contractors Lake County IL. They can make sure the gutters function correctly and keep your home from developing damage.