Placing Exterior Lights

Whether you’re highlighting a certain area or you want more safety features in your yard, there are numerous lighting ideas for the exterior of your home. When you install the lights, you should think about the range of lighting that you want and the type that you want to install. There are many solar options available that are cost-effective and that come in fun designs. You can place stake lights that are charged by the sun along a pathway so that there is light to see at night and a beautiful design to look at during the day.

When you look at landscape lighting Jacksonville FL stores, you should try to have a general idea for how you’re going to install the lights. An eye-catching design is one where you hang a large fixture at the top of a gazebo or patio area. The light will cascade down to highlight the area when you’re sitting outside. If you’re using lights to mark a pathway, then consider stakes that are of different heights. This will highlight various areas of the pathway, especially since plants are of various heights as well. Less is often more when it comes to landscape lighting. If you have too many lights outside, then it will look like it’s daytime. However, if you don’t have enough, then there won’t really be any kind of purpose behind the lights.

As you position lights in your yard, try to place them so that they highlight details that you want to showcase, such as a birdbath or colorful flowers. Position lights so that they highlight the tops of trees and bushes. Create a beautiful blue appearance in your yard with moonlights. This is a detail that can give a softer glow that you might want to have near a patio or along a pathway.