How to Maintain a Clean Pool

When a swimming pool is clean, swimmers can dive underwater and swim around without dodging grime and debris. Because a pool is large, the process of keeping it clean can be somewhat challenging if proper tools and strategies aren’t used. If you need help protecting and maintaining your pool, you can keep the water crisp and clean by following a few simple steps.

Install an Efficient Filtration System

Modern filtration systems cleanse water in unique ways. A traditional system produces chlorine, which is a chemical that fights bacteria in a pool. If you need a system that uses less chlorine, a saltwater generator is worth considering as it gradually converts saltwater to chlorine. Sand filtration systems are also available; they eliminate contaminates by distributing a special-grade sand throughout a pool.

Manage Kids During Swimming Sessions

Kids typically track a lot of dirt and debris into a pool when they dive into the water. Contaminates usually land in a pool when children run around a pool zone before completing a dive. If your pool is surrounding by concrete, the risks are lower since a pavement doesn’t hold a lot of dirt. However, if soil and grass surround your pool, dirt and stray pieces of grass may contaminate the water if children sprint around your property before jumping into the pool. A fence is the solution to this problem because it creates a barrier that blocks access to high risk zones.

Put a Cover Over the Pool

After everyone is done swimming, you should always put a cover over your pool. A sturdy cover will keep dust, dirt, and other environmental hazards out of the pool on a windy day.

If you need an upgraded filtration system or saltwater generators Pittsburgh, you can buy equipment at most swimming pool stores. These stores also sell covers for residential and commercial pools.