Heading Off Big Problems with Your AC Unit

As summer approaches, you may be readying to turn on your AC unit for the first time in months. You assume the unit will run like normal and cool your building without fail. In reality, it could possibly malfunction without warning the first time you flip the switch to Cool.

When it has been some time since your unit was last inspected and serviced, it could possibly have damages that demand your immediate attention. By enlisting the help of a contractor who specializes in inspection, repair, and HVAC service Chicago building owners like you could head off expensive repairs to your AC unit later on this summer.

Looking for Signs of Wear and Tear

Even if your unit worked perfectly well all last summer, there is no guarantee it will work without malfunctioning this summer. After sitting all winter long, it could have sustained damages that need prompt attention before you turn it on for the season.

For instance, the outside unit might have become laden with dirt and debris from blowing winter winds. This debris could be clogging the cooling lines and filters that help the unit blow out cold air inside of the indoor vents.

Likewise, the Freon in the unit may have leaked out during the wintertime. Cracks in the lines or holes in the Freon container could have caused the coolant to slow seep and evaporate away. The unit needs to be repaired before the Freon can be refilled.

You may not realize how much wear and tear your unit has sustained until you call a professional contractor to come look at it in person. This individual can inspect the unit, tell you what damages need to be addressed, and then start the work once you give the okay for it. If needed, the contractor ca replace the entire unit.

You can call for HVAC help by visiting the company’s website today. The service can send someone out to your home or workplace quickly after you make the phone call. You can also research other HVAC services available to you online.