Give Your Family Room a Quick and Modern Makeover

The family room should be a relaxing place that makes you feel good inside. If your decor has become dated or the colors are a little too gloomy, you won’t be enjoying this space as much as you should be. Remodeling doesn’t always fit into your time schedule or budget, but a quick makeover can transform the room into something you’ll love.

The Walls

Gone are the drab beiges and tans. The new neutrals include fresh whites and light grays. You will instantly modernize and brighten the family room by choosing a newer neutral color for the walls. Painting should be your first step in this makeover. It is inexpensive, and you can do it yourself. For added flair, create an accent wall. Cover one wall with aged boards or use wallpaper that gives the illusion of worn planks.

The Floors

Now that the painting is complete, you can focus on the floors. To continue with a fresh new farmhouse look, consider rustic planks. Although this gives the room a beautiful appearance, you will want to warm the space up by using throw rugs. They can be used to anchor the sofa and other seating, and they also look great in front of the fireplace or doorways.

Home Decor Pieces

With the walls and floors finished, it is time to decorate. You can purchase new furniture, but when trying to maintain a budget, home decor pieces can make just as big of an impact. New artwork for the walls, tabletop lanterns, floral arrangements, and other knick-knacks can bring a whole new style to life. Strategically place family photos around the room for a personal touch.

This quick and easy makeover may be just what you need to bring new life into a tired space. Updated flooring, a modern color on the walls, and a few pieces of new home decor is all it will take for you to get a family room you’ll love.