3 General Contractor Facts

If you are involved in funding or overseeing the construction of a new commercial or residential building, you are going to be involved in many decisions. Among those decisions will be the hiring of a general contractor. A construction project involves many hands, stages and knowledge. When it is time to hire a general contractor, general contractors chicago il, for example, are at your service.

Here are three facts about general contractors.


When you drive by a construction site, you will notice that there are many people working, communicating with each other and assessing the site. The person who oversees all of those workers is the general contractor. This person is your main contact as they deal with the various subcontractors. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of their current project, but when it is time to complete the plumbing, electricity and painting aspects, among others, they will hire individuals who are experts in those specialized areas. The general contractor is tasked with keeping the project within budget and within the specified timetable. They act as the on-site supervisor and deal with any issues that may appear.


Education and licensing requirements for general contractors vary slightly from state to state. For the most part, they are required to demonstrate their knowledge by taking a test that certifies them if they pass. Most general contractors gain their skills by working at construction sites in a variety of capacities. Those who would like to move up the ladder into a supervisory role take courses that prepare them for certification.


As long as real estate developers see opportunities to build and re-develop apartment complexes, industrial buildings and commercial complexes, general contractors can remain positive about their job outlook. Construction does tend to be seasonal, but different parts of the country experience weather differently. So, even during the winter months, there could be a need for this construction professional.

Construction projects are hefty tasks that involve many professionals. A knowledgeable general contractor, like general contractors chicago il, helps keep the project within budget and given timetable.