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Simple Maintenance and Repair Guidelines for Forklifts

Maintaining a forklift is easier than it seems. With the right care, it is not unusual for a forklift to function efficiently even after years of work. If you have a good maintenance and repair checklist, you can avoid a host of problems associated with forklifts. Ineffective maintenance practices will result in multiple malfunctions on your machine. Listed below are a few guidelines related to forklift repair and maintenance.

Regularly take your forklift for maintenance services. A forklift is in many ways similar to a car. With the same regularity you service your car, you should also service your forklift. It is recommended to service your forklift every six months. This is about the time that you’ll begin to notice little problems coming up. If these problems are not dealt with early enough, they end up being bigger problems.

Different forklifts have different load capacities. Sometimes, people use one forklift for one and all jobs. This may result in frequent forklift breakdowns. Forklifts are not designed to carry varying loads. Some forklifts are better for carrying heavier loads while others are not. Consider the type of forklift you are to use for any given job.

Quality repairs are of utmost importance. Parts of your forklift will need to be replaced over time. Regardless of the reason, there are two things you should keep in mind. The first is to always buy quality parts even though they might be more expensive. Only leave your forklift in the hands of a credible serviceman. This will at the very least make sure that the work done is of good quality.

Always check your forklift before you start working. Try to do this every morning. First check the tire pressure. Check on the oil levels as well. A routine check should include a look through all the major parts. Specifically check on the forklift’s movable parts. This is a day-to-day self-service. Routine checks like this will save you a significant amount of money that you would have spent on forklift repairs.

The earlier you can fix a problem the better. This applies to problems in your forklift. If you notice a problem, don’t let it go unchecked. Immediately deal with electric problems that you may notice. The faster a problem is fixed, the less likely it will turn into a major problem. Look through a forklift repair manual if you suspect a problem. It is wise to consult a trained professional. The short guide above comprises what you should know about forklift repair and maintenance.

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