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Common Water Heater Problems

Among other costly systems in your house, a hot water heater connection tops the list. Most water heater devices have common problems. Many a time is when the assistance of a professional is not necessary when it comes to these similar issues which hot water heaters have.

Heat irregularity is one of the problems that most water heaters have. Mostly this problem requires you to adjust your thermostat on the unit and you are ready to go. If however, no hot water is coming from the tank at all, you could be having a broken heating element. These components are easily replaceable on your own and should restore your hot water supply right away.

One more annoying issue that water heaters develop is noise making. Most noise issues are caused by the sediments that could have built up inside the water tank. The noise in the water heater is normally solved by flushing the tank. Complete destruction of the heating element or the gas thermocouple also causes the noise problem in hot water heaters.
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There are several indicators that will alert you need a replacement. If you have extended family using the tank of the hot water, then you might need several replacements of the same. Just as your family keeps growing, you should change your water heater as often. The mineral buildup of hard water inside the tank can clog plumbing lines and may shorten the life of the unit.
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Another indicator that you have to replace your water heater is if the heater has reached its warranty age. If your water heater has reached its warranty year and it is still functioning, you should consider have it replaced to avoid future or sudden glitches. Just in case you experience recurring problems with your heater you can have it replaced. The other most common indicator that you need a new hot water heater is leakage.

Today’s water heaters are manufactured to require little or no maintenance. However, some relevant tips could be followed to prolong the life of your water heater. You can choose to lower the temperature setting on the thermostat to 120 degrees. Another maintenance activity you might want to do annually is flushing out the water tank to do away with any sediment that will eventually lead to damage. In testing your valve for the water heater ensure that a burst of water is released into the overflow drainpipe which assures you that the heater is okay. In case you happen to carry out maintenance or replacement activity, do so with precaution.